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Dessert Flavors E-Liquid

Description:Big Bone E-liquid brings you a wide choice of flavors and nicotine contents, aiming to complete your vaping with an immersive taste. With a 40% / 60% proportion of the PG and VG, it is capable of bringing you a real vaping circumstance with rich vapor. Specifications:Brand: Big BonePG / ..
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Lemonic E-liquid 40PG / 60VG 0mg / 3mg 30ml 2 Flavors
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Description:Lemonic E-liquid features 2 kinds of dessert flavor, plumping your taste with both tobacco and sweety. 2 contents of the Nicotine optional, 0mg and 3mg, get the proper combination according to your preference.Specifications:Brand: LemonicPG / VG: 40% / 60%Nicotine Content: 0mg / 3mg per ..
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Lucky Loser E-liquid 70VG / 30PG 3mg 30ml
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Description:Lucky Loser E-liquid is loaded in a transparent glass bottle, directly showing you the strength, cleanliness, color and liquidity of the juice. 3 varieties of flavor optional, mango, berry and mint, vary from your preference.Specifications:Production: USAVG / PG: 70% / 30%Nicotine Conten..
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Naked 100 Cream E-liquid 30PG / 70VG 3mg 60ml 4 Flavors Description:Naked 100 Cream series e juice liquid consists of 4 flavors, keeping the creamy sweetness and fruity aroma in one, bringing you a rich taste. Get your favored one for a fresh experience.Specifications:Brand: Naked 100Flavor Type: Cr..
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Ripe Vapes E-liquid 25PG / 75VG 0 / 3 / 6mg 60ml 7 Flavors Description:Ripe Vapes e-liquid brings you 18 options in view of 7 colors and 3 kinds of nicotine content. Stored in a 60ml glass bottle, it is clear on the consumption and amount left of the liquid. Specifications:Brand: Ripe VapesPG / VG: ..
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