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    Founded in 2013, The Onetop Vape, an excellent e-cig brand focusing on the quality and function of products, endeavors to provide the best design and innovation to vapers. It includes many products such as the multi-functional Gemini RDTA. The main products are atomizers, mechanical mod, and tube mod. Onetop vape Pharaoh mech mod is the best mech mod. The entire mechanical mod is made of brass advanced technology, and the battery is 18650/21700 batteries, giving you the strongest vaping experience.

Onetop Vape Pallas Mechanic Mod Resin Description:Onetop Vape Pallas mechanic mod is used to put a 18650 battery into effect. made of brass and resin, Onetop vape mech mod battery brings you both textured appearance and durable performance. Quick Links: Mesh Sub Ohm TankMain Features:1. Adopt brass ..
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Onetop Vape Pharaoh Mechanic Mod
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Onetop Vape Pharaoh Mech Mod Description: Onetop Vape Pharaoh mechanic mod is used to put a 18650 / 21750 battery into effect. Onetop Vape Pharaoh mech mod is a vivid joss on the polished brass surface, which means it is a delicate craft more than a device, perfectly showing your generous temperamen..
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