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Airistech Airis Qute Wax Vaporizer 450mAh Description:Airistech Airis Qute Wax Vaporizer is pre-installed a quartz coil, matching with the Qcell heating technology, so that you are provided with a fast heating, pure flavor and dense vapor enjoyment! 3-mode temperature options make it familiar to you..
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Airistech Mystica II CBD Vaperizer 450mAh
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Airistech Mystica II CBD Vaperizer 450mAh Description:The Airistech Mystica II CBD vaporizer is popular with vapers because of multiple designs, such as the considerate oil window for checking the oil capacity, functions of adjustable voltage and preheating function for a better taste. 12mm hole of ..
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Airistech Mystica R CBD Vaporizer 450mAh Description:Airistech Mystica R CBD vaporizer is superior in 3 levels of voltage adjusted by pressing the button 3 times, easier to fit for your personal vaping preference than the similar. Airistech Mystica R CBD vaporizer built with a 12mm diameter of the h..
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Description:Airistech Tripod 3-in-1 Wax Vaporizer costs you a payment and brings you 3 types of vaping when you are in need of CBD oil, wax and thick oil. It houses a 650mAh battery, a reliable guarantee for lasting endurance and 3 switchable working voltage. All 3 incidental pods work with a quartz..
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Eleaf iCare Flask CBD Vaporizer 520mAh
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Eleaf iCare Flask CBD Vaporizer 520mAh Description:Eleaf iCare Flask CBD vaporizer is like a gentleman, silent and attractive. Constructed in zinc alloy and shaped in a compact structure, Eleaf iCare Flask CBD vaporizer is textured and portable. Powered by a built-in 520mAh battery, it is accessible..
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Joyetech eRoll Mac Advanced CBD Vaporizer Kit 2000mAh Description:What differs the Joeyetch eRoll Mac CBD vaporizer with the similar is the zinc alloy PCC. Not only impress on others with the sleek appearance but the strong performance of charging and storing from the large capacity 2000mAh built-i..
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Joyetech eRoll Mac Simple CBD Vaporizer 180mAh
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Joyetech eRoll Mac Simple CBD Vaporizer 180mAh Description:Joyetech eRoll Mac Simple kit, a delicate device to meet your needs in both smooth vaping experience and contented touching feeling. The moderate 0.55ml capacity and built-in 180mAh battery are beneficial to control the amount intake each ti..
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JoyNabis T-BOX Herb CBD Vaporizer 900mAh Description:JoyNabis T-BOX Herb CBD Vaporizer features a boxy shape with the ultra-thin thickness. Driven by the internal 900mAh battery, it is possible to adjust the voltage to a well-contented one no matter what you are of strong or weak taste. JoyNabis T-B..
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Kangvape TH-420 V CBD Vaporizer VV Mod Kit 800mAh 0.5ml Description:Kangvape TH-420 V CBD vaporizer VV mod kit is a generous device, compatible with various CBD cartridges, such as K2, K3 and K5. The Kangvape TH-420 V CBD vaporizer VV mod kit featuring 4 levels of voltage and multiple working modes,..
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LTQ Vapor 311 Wax Vaporizer
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LTQ Vapor 311 Wax Vaporizer Description:LTQ Vapor 311 is an optimum choice for those who are widely interested in adopting wax vaporizer, dry herb vaporizer and CBD vaporizer. It is built in stainless steel and processed by electroplating, presenting a textured appearance with glossiness. You are re..
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LTQ Vapor KONE 2-in-1 Battery 900mAh Description:LTQ Vapor KONE Battery is tolerant with CBD and most rebuildable atomizer. It features a side hidden design, which allows you to place a common atomizer there and install it on the top by a pop-up switch when vaping. The 3-mode voltage adjustment and ..
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LTQ Vapor Lock CBD Atomizer
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LTQ Vapor Lock CBD Atomizer Description:LTQ Vapor Lock CBD Atomizer serves as a specific tool for the CBD oil vaping. You can refill CBD atomizer on the top and inspect the real-time consumption and the amount of thopqr left in a slender transparent tube. The incidental ceramic coil feasts you with ..
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