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   Founded in 2015, Vivismoke has been focused on electronic cigarette accessories for 5 years, supplying a wide range of vape accessories. Vivismoke is dedicated to providing various kinds of quality and good price products to enrich vape life, keeping up with the newest products and never stops to develop new and better ones. The company focuses on product variety, the main products include CBD Tanks, THC Tanks, and Pod Systems and it provides a variety of Vape Accessories to support professional customized services.

Vivismoke Kanthal A1 Mesh Coil for Wotofo Profile RDA 0.13ohm 12PCs Description:Vivismoke Kanthal A1 Mesh Coil applicable to the Wotofo Profile RDA is efficient to create a finer taste for you. There are 6 strip mesh and 6 mesh in the 12 coils.Specifications:Brand: Vivismoke Suitable for: Wotofo Pro..
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Vivismoke Leather Pocket Case for Pod System
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Vivismoke Leather Pocket Case for Pod System Description:Vivismoke Leather Pocket Case is efficient to contain a complete pod system and 2 extra pods, strongly protecting them from wearing and losing and storing them while idle. Each compartment is equipped with a stretch band, tightly fixed the dev..
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Vivismoke Magnetic Juclip Necklace Compatible with JUUL Kit Description:Vivismoke Juclip Necklace consists of a 30inch stainless steel chain and ABS hold with a built-in magnetic chip, performing well in keeping your JUUl Kit firmly hanging on the chest. The exquisite workmanship and bright color en..
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Vivismoke Metal Stand Base for 510 Thread Atomizer Description:Vivismoke Metal Stand Base presents with trapezoid shape, dutifully guaranteeing the stability when acting on keeping the atomizer with a 510 thread in the place to facilitating rebuilding or storage.Specifications:Brand: Vivismoke Mater..
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Vivismoke Mini Chrome-vanadium Steel Wire Cutter Description:Vivismoke Mini Wire Cutter plays an important role in simplifying the wire cutting while rebuilding the coil. The ergonomically designed handle is conducive to be energy-saving and safe in actual operation.Specifications:Brand: VivismokeMa..
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Vivismoke Mini Vape Tool Kit 7PCs Description:Vivismoke Mini Vape Tool Kit is popular among DIY lovers, facilitating building and wicking tools with 7 accessories.Specifications:Brand: Vivismoke Material: Stainless steel 4 Screwdriver Heads: PH00, 2.5, H1.5, H1.27Package Size: 13 x 9.5 x 3.5cmProduc..
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Vivismoke Premium Vape Tool Kit 10PCs
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Vivismoke Premium Vape Tool Kit 10PCs Description:Vivismoke Premium Vape Tool Kit includes 10 accessories, acting on simplifying fixing the atomizer, tightening the screws, winding coils, cutting wire, etc.Specifications:Brand: Vivismoke Material: Stainless steel Product Size: 0.97 x 0.9 x 12.8cmPac..
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Vivismoke Shortfill Metal Cap Opener with Chain
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Vivismoke Shortfill Metal Cap Opener with Chain Description:Vivismoke Shortfill Metal Cap Opener, with a certain hardness and toughness, is used to remove the cap of the e-juice bottle with less effort. 5 shapes optional.Specifications:Brand: Vivismoke Model: ShortfillMaterial: MetalCompatible Bottl..
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Vivismoke Soft Suede Cleaning Polishing Cloth 20*20cm Description:Vivismoke Cleaning Cloth, adopting the fine suede, acts on taking off the dust, water, and oil from the vaping device without any trace left. 5 patterns available.Specifications:Brand: VivismokeMaterial: Soft Suede Quantity: 1Product ..
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Vivismoke Stainless Steel Magic Stick Cotton Hook
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Vivismoke Stainless Steel Magic Stick Cotton Hook Description:Two ends of the Vivismoke Stainless Steel Magic Stick Cotton Hook play different roles while rebuilding the atomizer, assembling or disassembling the coil and so on, the flat one responsible for putting cotton inside the coil and crossed ..
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Vivismoke Waterproof Cloth + Anti-slip Rubber Vape Mat 850 x 400mm Description:Vivismoke Vape Mat appears to be particularly important when you rebuilding an atomizer, filling thuwikc, maintaining the vaping device, etc. 2 patterns optional.Specifications:Brand: VivismokeMaterial: Waterproof cloth +..
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