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EGO-T CE4 E-Cigarette Clearomizer 1.6ml 5PCs Description:There is a detailed scale mark on the surface of the CE4 Clearomizer to divide the 1.6ml liquid into several portions, conducive to inform you of the accurate consumption and amount left of thuwikc timely. 8 colors optional.Quick Links: EGO-T..
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Ehpro Kit 101 Dripper Tank
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Ehpro Kit 101 Dripper Tank Description:Ehpro kit 101 dripper tank is the replacement of the Ehpro kit 101D VV / VW mod kit. The gilded stainless steel positive pin makes it stable electrical conductivity. The top airflow system is conducive to thicken vapor within the shortened distance.Quick Links:..
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Ehpro M 101 Tank 2ml Description:Ehpro M 101 tank is in stainless steel construction, wearable and non-deforming. Superior of detachable structure, you are allowed to clean it effortlessly. The replacement EL1B-2 mesh coil is ready for the bypass mode. Main Features:1. Durable stainless steel materi..
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Ehpro Raptor Tank 6ml 25mm Standard Edition Description:Ehpro Raptor tank is compatible with 2 mesh coils with excellent durability and absorbency benefited from the latest seagrass fiber, available for finer taste and long lifespan. Max 6ml liquid capacity allows you to immerse into a pleasant vapi..
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Eleaf Ello Duro Tank 26.5mm 2ml / 28mm 6.5ml
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Eleaf Ello Duro Tank 26.5mm 2ml / 28mm 6.5ml Description:Eleaf Ello Duro tank provides you with 2 capacity choices, 6.5ml and 2ml, varying from your habitual intake. The top cap is armed with a childproof lock, effective to prevent the cap from opening and liquid from leaking in the absence of opera..
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Eleaf ELLO POP Atomizer 6.5ml 28mm
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Eleaf ELLO POP Atomizer 6.5ml 28mm DescriptionEleaf ELLO POP Atomizer is well-equipped with the lock system on the top cap, which perfectly prevents thuwikc from leaking and cap from opening accidentally. 6.5ml large capacity and mesh coil inside are conducive to provide you with a continuous experi..
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Eleaf ELLO T Atomizer 4ml 25mm
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Eleaf Ello T Atomizer 4ml 25mm DescriptionEleaf new ELLO T atomizer features a unique but sleek looking. The Eleaf ELLO T atomizer is compatible with all HW series coils including HW1, HW2, HW3 and HW4, allowing you to enjoy different vaping experience delivered by different coils. The tank can easi..
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Eleaf GS Drive Atomizer 2ml 16.5mm
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Eleaf GS Drive Atomizer 2ml 16.5mm DescriptionEleaf GS Drive Atomizer with a capacity of 2ml features the retractable top filling system, which not only simplifies flavors changement but also enhances the using safety in case there is the accidental leakage of liquid. Well-equipped with a GS Air M c..
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Eleaf GTiO Tank 1.8ml 20mm
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Eleaf GTiO Tank 1.8ml 20mm Description:Eleaf GTiO tank is workable with Eleaf iStick Amnis 2 starter kit. Widely compatible with different structures of GT coil heads, you have access to experience varieties of tastes. 2 versions and 3 colors optional.Quick Links: Eleaf iStick Amnis 2 Starter KitMai..
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Eleaf iCare Flask CBD Tank 1ml
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Eleaf iCare Flask CBD Tank 1ml Description:Eleaf iCare Flask tank is designed for CBD vapers. Equipped with a ceramic coil head, Eleaf iCare Flask CBD tank is capable of keeping the original flavor of thopqr and more stable than the cotton.Main Features:1. Top filling setting, simplify the refilling..
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Eleaf iJust ECM Atomizer 4ml DescriptionEleaf iJust ECM Atomizer, with a capacity of 4ml, is compatible with 2 changeable meh coils, capable of providing you a vaping with sufficient liquid, optimized heating effect and smooth taste. The airflow system is positioned on the bottom, flexible in switch..
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Eleaf iJust Mini Tank 2ml Description:Eleaf iJust mini tank differs itself with competitors in the thread-free coil and childproof function, plus the common top filling design and side airflow system, all in one to bring you a secure and refreshing vaping. Besides, if you prefer to more fresh flavor..
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