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Description:Smok TF Tank is applicable to Smok Morph TC Mod Kit. It supports refilling on the top and smoothening the air on the bottom, effective to keep thopqr from being turbulent and get massive vapor across. Built-in a sub-ohm coil, it is conducive to feast you with an intoxicating vaping withi..
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Smok TFV12 Prince Tank 8ml
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Smok TFV12 Prince Tank 8ml Description:Smok TFV12 Prince Tank is a powerful atomizer with 8ml capacity and well-made mesh coil, available to bring you a lasting and smooth vaping. It is compatible with 3 varieties of the replaceable coil, performing well in different wattage range, making it achieva..
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Smok TFV16 Lite Tank 28mm 5ml Description:Smok TFV16 Lite tank is workable when matching with Smok G-PRIV 3 TC Box mod. Compatible with 2 mesh coils, they perform similarly in producing a pleasant taste with smooth flavor and massive vapor and differently in the proper power range. The raised coil d..
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Smok TFV16 Tank 9ml US Standard Edition Description:Smok TFV16 tank surpasses all competitors in the industry by a superb 9ml capacity and ultra-low 0.17 / 0.12ohm resistance. Smok TFV16 tank adjustable airflow design with dual outlets makes more vapor and purer flavor accessible to your sight and t..
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Smok TFV4 Mini Tank 3.5ml 22mm Description:Smok TFV4 Mini Tank is constructed in double-layer stainless steel, straightening the durability and impact resistance in the long-term vaping. The 3.5ml tank with a top filling design, efficient to simplify the refilling after running out of the liquid. Th..
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Smok TFV8 Baby Tank 3ml Description:Smok TFV8 baby tank is smaller in size and powerful in performance. The bottom airflow system is constructed with 2 large slots, which thickens the vapor and optimizes the actual vaping experience to a great extent. There is a filling slot on the top to refill the..
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Smok TFV8 Baby V2 Tank 5ml
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Smok TFV8 Baby V2 Tank 5ml Description:Smok TFV8 baby V2 tank comes with 2 sub-ohm coils with different mesh structures, A1 with a dense mesh to speed up the heating and expand the heating area, while A2 with dual mesh coils to smoothen the flavor and thicken the vapor. Plus the sufficient 5ml juice..
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Smok TFV8 Big Baby Tank 5ml Description:Smok TFV8 Big Baby tank is the expanded version of the TFV8 Baby tank, changing from a 3ml capacity to a 5ml one, providing convenience to a constant vaping without restrictions of ijk shortage. The bottom airflow system is constructed with 2 large slots, whic..
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Smok TFV8 Big Baby Tank Light Edition 5ml
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Smok TFV8 Big Baby Tank Light Edition 5ml Description:Smok TFV8 big baby tank light ddition features a shining LED light placed on the base of the tank, changing colors with the inserted sealing ring. The 5ml glass tank tube is efficient to hold moruwikc and inspect the real-time consumption while v..
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Smok TFV8 X Baby Tank 4ml / 2ml
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Smok TFV8 X Baby Tank 4ml / 2ml Description:Smok TFV8 X Baby tank is workable with 2 varieties of the replaceable coil, making it applicable to Smok Stick V8 mod and T-Priv mod. Smok TFV8 X Baby tank is creative in the adjustable top airflow system, which makes contributions to an optimal vaping wit..
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SMOK TFV9 Sub Ohm Tank 6.5ML Description:TFV9 Tank uses Bulb Pyrex Glass that measures 28mm in diameter and comes with 6.5ml big e-juice capacity. It is designed with childproof top cap to keep children away from the tank, which not only prevents accidental opening of the top, but also avoids leakag..
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Smok X-Force Tank 7ml / 2ml Description:Smok X-Force tank is designed to match with the X-Force mod, 2 varieties of juice capacity available to satisfy your needs for the endurance of flavor and vaping. Built-in a replaceable 0.3ohm coil, it is conducive to expand the heating area and smoothen the f..
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